• Complete design of industrial, public and dwelling buildings and facilities
  • Specialization in design ofprefabricated, pre-stressed reinforced concrete steel structures
  • Software development for static calculations and dimensioning of structures
  • Examination and evaluation of building structures
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Equipment and software Print E-mail

Our office is equipped with:

  • Twelve automated work stations;
  • A0 Plotter;
  • Laser and large-format inkjet printers - А2, А3+, А4;
  • Scanners and copy machines - А3, А4;
  • Digital cameras,  theodolites and levels.

Licensed software:

  • MS Windows XP, MS Works, MS Office; FlexType, PS Text;
  • AutoCAD, CorelDRAW TM Select Edition, CorelDRAWTM ESSENTIALS;
  • TOWER 5, TOWER 6, Nemetchek

In-house developed software:

  • Statics - Continuous beams;
  • Dimensioning - bending - reinforced concrete;
  • Dimensioning - bending - prestressed sections;
  • Dimensioning - inclined sections - reinforced concrete;
  • Dimensioning - fields, beams, foundations - reinforced concrete, wooden structures;
  • Dimensioning - steel structures;
  • Dimensioning - reinforced concrete columns;
  • Estimate of construction costs and bidding;
  • Analyses of construction and erection costs;
  • Calculations of pre-fabricated concrete parts and structures;
  • Specifications;
  • Organization, monitoring and reporting of concrete and mortar production.