• Conformity assessment of investment projects with the essential requirements for buildings
  • Construction supervision
  • Pricing and estimation of construction costs; bills of quantity; construction bids. Investor control. Consultancy
  • Appraisal of companies, real estate, machines and equipment and agricultural land
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RESPECT’93 Ltd is a company established in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, in 1993, to provide basic architectural and construction engineering services for investment projects design and special software development. Since our establishment 19 years ago we have proven in practice to be a reliable partner to our customers who can commit to us their investment plans.

We consider as a considerable achievement the fully computerized process of designing including the architectural and civil engineering parts.  We constantly update our equipment and software to keep in line with the latest achievements in our field of activities. In our work we use Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Nemetchek, and Tower software, but we have also developed our own computing software for specific engineering assignments.

Our field of activities includes two major areas:


  • Design of industrial, public and dwelling buildings and facilities - complete projects.
  • Specialization in design of prefabricated, pre-stressed reinforced concrete steel structures
  • Software development for static calculations and dimensioning of structures.
  • Examination and evaluation of building structures.


  • Conformity assessment of investment projects with the essential requirements for buildings
  • Construction supervision
  • Pricing and estimation of construction costs;bills of quantity; construction bids. Investor control. Consultancy
  • Appraisal of companies, real estate, machines and equipment and agricultural land.

Our highly qualified  specialists - architects, construction engineers and technicians, can provide the whole range of construction design and consultancy services. When needed we have partners to cover all aspects of the complete investment design: land surveying, water supply and sanitary works, electrical installations, heating and ventilation, engineering process.

Our company has designed a number of industrial, public and dwelling buildings in the city of Stara Zagora, its region and other parts of Bulgaria.